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Sub Base Construction- An Additional Forte


We have a wide experience of constructing the sub bases for FIFA Goal projects in India, Bhutan & other neighboring countries. Before artificial turf is laid on football, hockey or any other sports ground, the sub base needs to be constructed in order to ensure proper protection, drainage and utility thereby increasing the life of artificial turf & the ground. After constructing over 10 grounds & closely working with European companies on FIFA projects, we can boast of creating soothing and safe play areas.

The following are the major steps during sub base construction:

  • Site evaluation

  • Excavation and removal of soil.

  • Ground filling, compaction and maintaining the desired ground slopes.

  • Installation of impermeable field liner.

  • Perimeter drainage collector network and field composite drainage grid system.

  • Construction of permeable aggregate base layer.

Then the artificial turf is laid on the ground. The soft texture of Rev Turf’s sports turf is comparable to real grass and the cushioned underlay provides excellent player comfort and safety.