Nigam Cold Storage Pvt Ltd., a member of the Rana Group of Companies, was established in 1996 as a private limited company to cater to potato storage considering the fact that West Bengal is the second largest producer of Potato in India.

With rich industry experience, we are able to store and retain premium quality potatoes. We provide high capacity and spacious potato cold storage depending on the requirements of our clients. Our potato cold storage is fitted with premium quality compressor, condenser and high quality refrigerants that are able to provide stable temperature for keeping the potatoes and other vegetables fresh and retain their nutritive value.

Nigam Cold Storage situated at Amlagora, West Bengal, has a modern and well equipped Cold Storage with a capacity to store 60,000 Metric Tons (6,00,000 quintal) including 3 chambers of different quantities for seed, wafers and able potato.


Potatoes are usually kept in cold storage until required for the market. Storage conditions and length of time influence potato quality and their consequent susceptibility to handling.

Storing potatoes is complicated and requires space and a certain know-how that not all farmers have. Cold storages therefore play a vital role in storing the potatoes just after the harvest. Because when potatoes are harvested their supply is generally high due to which the price is fairly low. If farmers can hold on to their crops long enough to wait until the supply of potatoes decreases, they are able to sell their potatoes for higher prices and increase profits. Furthermore, by spreading out distribution to the market, farmers helps moderate the supply of potato and may even moderate prices, which allows for greater pricing certainty and creates fewer price spikes.


Cold Storage technology varies in practice but consists of the same basic fundamentals which include a cold environment achieved through mechanical refrigeration that can store potatoes around 4°C for up to eight months. These cold environments harden the skin and delay deterioration of potatoes. We have walk-in coolers / cold storage and freezers that are assembled using prefabricated modular panels. Our cold storage is built with state-of-the-art technology, which assures its efficient functioning. Our Cold Storage Services comprise Cold Storage Units that are built to meet international standards of temperature and hygiene for the food items. Special Cold Storage Facilities are available for separate fruits and vegetable products. The stores are operated under the process control systems, which maintain specific temperature for different products. We store potatoes, vegetables and grain seeds.

The salient features of our cold storage include:
  • Ventilation and Humidification systems imported from the well known companies.
  • High humidity, forced ventilation system with homogeneous conditions in the chambers
  • Facilities CIPC fogging, computerized controls, remote data monitoring etc.
  • Mechanized handling system, minimizing use of labors.

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